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For aches, pains and injuries

Here at Mountain Massage Co. we have a number of friendly and highly effective therapists who can offer a variety of treatments and small group training. Well qualified in their chosen field they are here to help with your aches, pains and injuries and get you back to your normal routine and performing at your best.

We have a wide range of opening times to work around your life, offering early mornings, later evenings and weekend appointments.

Our online booking system means you can book your appointment or class at a time that suits you and our email confirmation means you have all the information at your fingertips as soon as you have booked.

Our Massage Prices


Seated Chair Massage either neck, back & shoulders or feet, lower legs and ankles.

15 Minutes - £15


Massage Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Therapy.

30 Minutes - £29

45 Minutes - £39

60 Minutes - £49

75 Minutes - £65


Massage Therapy with Dry Needling/Acupuncture.

30 Minutes - £31

45 Minutes - £41

60 Minutes - £51

75 Minutes - £67


Myofascial Release with Hazel.

45 Minutes - £41

60 Minutes - £51

75 Minutes - £67

90 Minutes - £80

Our Podiatry Prices


Podiatry Prices

30 Minutes - £32 general appointment - nails and skin

15 Minutes - £15 nail clip/verrucae treatment/nail surgery assessment/one corn/foot massage

£200 - Full nail surgery (1 hr) - A 15 min assessment is needed prior to surgery

£5 - Nail surgery follow up (5 mins)

£60 - Biomechanic assessment ( 1 hr)

£40 - For casting  ( 30 mins)

Our Beauty Prices


Sample Beauty Prices

**Full List Online**

£10 - Eyebrow Wax

£10 - Eyebrow Tint

£18/26 - Half Legs/Full Legs Wax

£20/35 - Mini/Luxury Manicure

£22/30 - Mini/Regular Pedicure

£30 - Mini Decleor Facial

£65 - Youth Boosting Decleor Facial

£25 - Shellac Nails File and Polish

£30 - Calgel Nails File and Polish

£35-65 - Advanced Electrolysis

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Appointment Length

Sports massage/massage therapy/ choosing your appointment length

Our massage appointments are entirely tailored to the individual on the day. We will take some information, have a chat about what you would like from the treatment and then work accordingly

Everyone is different and so everyone one of our treatments is slightly different.

15 minutes seated chair - Short of time? Need a quick fix for an achy shoulder, stiff neck or ouchy feet? Then choose our 15 minute seated chair massage option. We work through clothing so no need to shed any layers. We try to offer some of these for 'on the day', 'walk in' appointments too so pop in if you are passing. Our 15 min seated chair massage appointments are good for a neck & shoulders or feet and lower legs quick fix.

30 Minutes - Need us to work a bit more specifically or need a follow up appointment? Then book a 30 min session; this would normally be in one of our treatment rooms but we can offer seated chair if you would prefer. We will absolutely tailor the appointments for what you need on the day. Our 30 minute appointments can be used for Massage Therapy or Soft Tissue Therapy.

45 Minutes - Our 45 min treatments in our therapeutic, relaxing treatment rooms are perfect for when there are a few different areas to work on. They allow enough time talk to you and discuss your treatment, to work effectively with your body to get you feeling the best we can that day. Our 45 minute appointments can be used for Massage Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy or Myofascial Release.

60 Minutes - Our one hour sessions are recommended for first time appointments. They allow enough time for an assessment, talk about the treatment and a lot of hands on time allowing us to do some general work and to work more specifically into some areas and maybe show you some stretches or exercises if needed at the end of the session. Our 60 minute appointments can be used for Massage Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy or Myofascial Release.

75 Minutes - Tailored to your needs on the day, this is our longest appointment and is great if there are a few issues or areas that need attention. It gives us the time to do some general work and also some specific work and not have to rush. Our 75 minute appointments can be used for Massage Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy or Myofascial Release.

How to choose which treatment is best for your appointment.

Sports massage/massage therapy/deep tissue massage is a safe and effective way of working into the muscles and soft tissues. Hands on therapy either with oil on the skin or dry through clothing. Massage therapy uses a mix of techniques working methodically into the muscles and is wonderfully relaxing and very effective as pain relief. It can aid recovery and is great for injury prevention and maintenance to help you feel good for your job, your sport, during pregnancy or just for relaxation. Our therapists are trained in different techniques so no two sessions will be exactly the same. We don't really do 'set routines' here at Mountain Massage Co. We would much rather ask you what you want from the treatment and work accordingly. Hazel Clark, Louis Mackay and James Clark are trained in Sports Massage & Massage Therapy. See our Therapist section for more details.

Soft Tissue Therapy is still very much 'hands on'. We use a lot of different massage techniques and, also, a range of treatment options including sports & remedial massage techniques, dry needling, ultrasound, myofascial release, myofascial cupping, kinesio taping, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release, home rehab and aftercare advice. Soft tissue therapy can very effectively help with muscular skeletal pain, postural related problems or as part of maintenance or training. It is also highly effective for sports injuries, overuse injuries, work related postural problems, during pregnancy or pre & post surgery. Your soft tissue therapist is very experienced with dealing with mobility issues and working with pre-existing medical conditions. Depending on your therapists’ specialisms they might suggest a combination of treatments. Hazel Clark is trained is all elements of Soft Tissue Therapy, Louis Mackay is trained in many different techniques. Please see our Therapist section for more details.

Podiatry - is specialist lower limb, feet and ankle care, sometimes called Chiropody. It can cover biomechanical issues with the foot and ankle or can be used for foot health and care. Foot Care & Nail Surgery Your podiatrist will assess your needs and use different types of treatment options and offer home care advice. Your podiatrist/chiropodist is highly skilled in the use of surgical tools and provides treatment and advice for hard cracked skin, corns, cracked heels, callus, verrucae, fungal nails, ingrown nails and other foot problems. Our podiatrist is trained in diabetology, rheumatology, wound healing, dermatology & vascular disease. Biomechanics your podiatrist is also trained in 'biomechanics', how your feet and ankles move. They will assess your feet and ankles and look at how they function in relation to the knees and hips to help remedy pain in the joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Your Podiatrist can also fit and prescribe orthotics or specialist footwear to help prevent problems and pain. Your podiatrist is well trained in infection control, everything is sterilised and cleaned. Jude Hamer is your expert Podiatrist. Please see our Therapist section for more details.

For more on individual treatments please see ourTreatment page.


Myofascial Release - Is a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic hands on technique for mobilising and unwinding the fascia. Highly effective with pain, postural disfunction and conditions like fibromyalgia and TMJ problems to name just two. Fascia is all the ‘stuff’ that isn’t our muscles, bones and organs. It surrounds all our tissues and is a continuous web of highly elastic and strong tissue designed to protect us and support our body. Imagine it like a very complicated and living 3D woolly jumper. All the fascia is connected, so if you tried to unpick it you would end up with one ball of wool at the end. By working on one area we can have a release through the whole body. Your therapist will take the tissue to tension and follow the releases of the tissue, moving around the body following areas of tension. Hazel Clark is trained in slow sustained Myofascial Release with Myofascial Release UK.

Dry Needling (sometimes called Medical Acupuncture). Dry needling uses acupuncture needles to release tight, painful areas of muscle and fascia. Your highly trained therapist might use just one needle on a specific area of tissue they have felt or a few needles in a certain pattern to get an area to release. It is surprisingly un-painful, so much so you sometimes can’t feel them at all. Dry needling is great for easing tissue tension & spasm and helps to reduce pain. Occasionally you might have a little bruise mark at the needle site. Your therapists would talk to you before treatment. Hazel Clark is trained in Dry Needling/Medical Acupuncture with OMT training.

Ultrasound uses a machine directly over the specific problem area. It is painless and directs a wave into the tissue. Very simply, ultrasound can either be used to calm tissue down or stir tissue up. So, depending on what the problem is your trained therapist can either calm down an acute area of tissue or stir up a more chronic area of tissue to promote healing. Hazel Clark is trained in Ultrasound Therapy.

Myofascial Cupping is a direct fascial technique that very quickly and effectively loosens the superficial fascia layers. You will love it as you will feel very dramatic results and our therapists love it as it allows them to be in two places at once; we can use cupping on one area whilst massaging another area. You might be left with some red marks like Micheal Phelps or Gwyneth Paltrow! Fairer skin tones tend to mark a bit more. Your therapist would talk to you before treatment. Hazel Clark and Louis Mackay are trained in Cupping Therapy.

Kinesio Taping uses stretchy tape applied in a certain way to help ease pain symptoms and aid healing. It is a simple technique but very effective in reducing pain and improving function. You have probably seen it on athletes at the Olympics or Wimbledon. Hazel Clark and Louis Mackay are trained in Kinesio Taping. Jude Hamer is trained in specialist foot and ankle taping.

Pilates is all about getting our bodies to move well. It strengthens the weaker bits and lengthens the short tight bits and really gets the brain talking to the muscles to help improve our mobility and the way we move. It is a fantastic way to help avoid future muscular skeletal pain and is a wonderful compliment to other sports and activities and helps keep us strong for the jobs we do, the sports we play and the life we want to lead.

Location - Contact - Book On Line

We are located on Lake Rd in Bowness-on-Windermere, in the Lake District; there are car parks and roadside parking nearby. Windermere train station is a mile away and there are multiple buses that serve Bowness. You could also arrive by boat as we are only a short walk up the hill from the pier.

Find us at 20 Lake Rd, Bowness on Windermere, LA23 3AP

Talk to us on 01539 444554

email us at info@mountainmassageco.com

Keep in touch with us on social media:

- Twitter @mountainmassco

- Intragram @mountainmassageco

- Facebook @mountainmassageco Mountain Massage Co.

For more on individual treatments please see our Treatment page.

Struggle with stairs and need level access?

Our building is on a split level, we have one step into reception on Lake Rd Bowness in the Lake District and a small ramp up to the group class area and our main treatment room. Our other three treatment rooms are down some stairs. If you really struggle with any kind of steps and walking, we can arrange for your appointment to be in one of our down stairs rooms and can provide you with a parking space right next to our back door at the rear of the building off North Terrace. This needs to be pre-arranged to keep the space free so please give us a ring or drop us an email, or pop a note in your online booking and we will do our best. Our therapists are very used to dealing with many different types of mobility, ability and disability so give us a ring to discuss your needs.

Hazel Clark

Soft Tissue Therapist. Senior Therapist & Owner.

Hazel studied Sport and Remedial Massage at the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) in 2007 (Btec Level 4 diploma at the time, now classed as a level 5 diploma). Hazel has worked as a therapist ever since and now does some tutoring at the London School of Sports Massage on the level 5 Btec diploma too. Hazel is also trained in ultrasound, dry needling/medical acupuncture, sports taping, pre & post natal massage, myofascial cupping and myofascial release as well as a host of massage techniques including muscle energy technique and soft tissue release. Hazel is an experienced UK athletics coach & trained with The Running School as a running biomechanics coach. Hazel is a keen runner and has run multiple marathons, fell runs, ultra distance trail events and dabbles in triathlons. Hazel has worked at many elite sport events such as the London Olympics & Paralympics and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and other World Championship events working on swimming, athletics, boxing, wrestling and other sports.

Hazel is a full member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM), the Sports Massage Association (SMA) and the Sports Therapy Association (STA).

  • James Clark

    Massage Therapist/Sports Massage Therapist. Therapist & Owner.

    James trained with Sports Therapy UK and completed a level 3 diploma. James is a strong hiker and gets up in the fells as often as possible. James is a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA).

  • Louis Mackay

    Sports Massage Therapist.

    Louis is a Sports & Spa Massage Therapist who made the Lakes his home 8 years ago and is still getting used to the weather. It is here where he discovered the Spa aspects of bodywork & health. Louis cultivated his skills in South Africa between 2000-2005, studying a BA in Human Movement Science and Psychology at the North West University (RSA) from whom he received a scholarship for rugby. It is here at the PUK Rugby Institute surrounded by an Elite medical team that his vision was forged. Louis is now responsible for the treatment of a wide range of clients, from aching holiday makers & stressed executives to avid gardeners and some of the most competitively active athletes.

  • Jude Hamer


    Jude is a Bsc Podiatrist and has specialisms in diabetic foot care, dermatology and wound healing. Jude owned her own podiatry clinic in New Zealand before returning to her Lancashire roots again in 2016. Jude has developed her own skin care products and is trained in everything feet, from biomechanics and complicated nail surgery to prescription orthotics and a quick nail clip.

  • Mariola Wojciechowska

    Beauty Therapist.

    Mariola has been a Beauty Therapist for 11 years. She offers Waxing, Tinting, Manicures and Pedicures with the option of Calgel or Shellac Nails. Mariola is also an approved Decléor therapist and offers a variety of luxurious Decléor facials. Mariola also offers Advanced Electrolysis for the removal of fine facial red veins, milia or skin Tags. Mariola is a member of BABTAC.

  • Hazel Clark


    James Clark






    Seated Chair Massage


    Seated Chair Massage








    Kinesio Taping


    Kinesio Taping


    Hazel & James Clark


    Elite Sports, High Performance & Testimonials

    Hazel has worked in elite level sports as a sports massage practitioner with the medical teams at many high level international competitions across many different sports.

    2017 - London World Athletics Championships - Athletics

    2014 - Glasgow Commonwealth Games - Swimming

    2012 - London Olympic Games at the athlete medical centre in the athlete village & Paralympic Games - Athletics

    2012 - Swimming World Championships, part of the London Prepares series

    2011 - World championship events as part of the London Prepares series for sports including Boxing, Wrestling and Weightlifting. For three years running Hazel has worked at the Highgate Harriers 'Night of the 10,000m PB's', a 10km track event attracting elite runners from all over the world and was used as a qualifying event for the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and the World Athletics Championships in 2017.


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